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Use this free on-line viewer to reveal family tree data and draw trees from gedcom-format files. Gedcom is one of the standard file formats used for exchanging genealogical data between family tree programs.

Although gedcom is supposed to be a standard family tree file format, many variations and enhancements have been introduced by genealogists and family tree software companies in the years since it was first created, so this free gedcom file viewer will attempt to extract the maximum amount of useful ancestry information from the file, whatever the variations. It also draws trees and generates additional narrative about the relationships between the family members and event dates that it finds in the historical tree data.

You can easily recognise a gedcom-format file on your computer because its name will end with '.ged'. If you want to view a gedcom file from the internet, download it to your computer first. This gedcom file viewer will show the people in the family tree in an easy-to-read form, unlike trying to view the file directly with a word-processor or spreadsheet program.

If parent-child connections are found in the file a vertical family tree is drawn below, followed by a traditional horizontal tree and then all the entries are shown person-by-person in last name then date of birth order.

It may be necessary to use your browser's zoom controls (Ctrl -, Ctrl +, Ctrl 0) to see the full extent of very large horizontal trees and to use the browser's print preview zoom settings before printing.

Browse to a .ged file (2MB maximum) on your computer then click 'View':

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